Project Description

Make a lovely bouquet of hearts with your little one. Fill your room with love and laugh. It can be a perfect bouquet for the mom or teacher, or your child can make one for each friend.

Materials you will need:
Chenille stems
Construction Paper

For each flower you will need:
Two hearts + one stem + bunch of beads

Download Valentine Day Craft

Step 1. Preparation
Ask your child what color he wants to use to make his bouquet. Choose the paper, make the outline of the heart and cut out (or have your child cut it). You will two hearts for each flower. Set aside stems (if there are too long cut it in half), glue and beads. You are all set up and ready to make a bouquet.

Step 2. Make the Flower.
Have your child glue one side of the heart, arrange the stem in the middle and cover it by other heart. Press and hold. You can attach clothespin for a better result. Make as many flowers as you want.

Step 3. Decorate the Heart.
All hearts fixed well and ready to be decorated. Using the beads (we recommend to use ones that already has a glue). It will be more convenient for your child to use. Pick one and arrange it close to the outline. Or your child can fill all the heart with it. Give him the freedom.

Step 4. The Bouquet.
Combine all your lovely hearts together and you are done! Give it to your mom or teacher, or grandma. Make more hearts for your friends!



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