valentine Day Worksheets

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates on February 14 each year all over the world. Observances: give people flowers, candy, balloons and special cards (often in the shape of the heart), with poems, love confessions or wishes of love.

Here you will find a collection of Valentine Day worksheets, hands-on activities, craft and more. We recommend you print some worksheets (such us flashcards, or clip card) on a card stock paper. You can also laminate the printed pages or glue them to the cardboard.

Ready to have fun? Here you go.

Letter Recognition Skills

Full of hearts letter recognition worksheets for your child to work on. These Valentine Day worksheets are custom made and each of them has confusing letters to challenge your child and promote his visual discrimination skills. All your child need is to create a path from the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter by shading each heart with the specified letter.

Expand Vocabulary and Explore New Words

An effective method to practice reading comprehension skills is a fun flashcard game. Learn new words, play fun games, fill your room with a laugh. Let your child be excited during the learning process and he will ask you for more activities again and again. Get your Valentine Day flashcards and enrich your child’s vocabulary.

Tips to use flashcards:

  • Ask your child looks for familiar pictures and words. Encourage him to describe each one he already knows. Two-three sentences is a great start and will greatly improve his speaking skills.
  • You can play charade game.
  • Or print two packs of flashcards and turn it into a memory game.

Number Awareness Skills

Practice counting up to 5 and up to with a fun clothespin activity. We recommend to print these math worksheets on a card stock paper or laminate the printed pages for more durable version.  Add, subtract and compare colorful hearts. Roll two dices, sum up and color the heart with the same number.

Kids start to classify and sort objects into similar groups. Give your little one a bunch of colorful hearts and let him classify and sort them. Ask him about the groups he created. Why did he make such choice? Let him prove his decision!

Exploring the surrounding world and experimenting with things kids learn the most important things. Cognitive skills are very important and bring kids to the abstract and logical thinking. Kids will explore patterns, find the sequence and finish it. They will solve the sudoku puzzle.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?

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