Winter words activities and worksheets for kindergarten and preschool kids. Here your child will learn new winter words, practice beginning sound recognition, learn letters and much more.

Winter Words – Vocabulary Flashcards

Winter words vocabulary flash cards have 5 worksheets and 26 winter-themed cards from A to Z. Each card has a winter related word and a corresponding picture. Ask your child to describe the familiar words and then learn a new one. This activity improves speaking skills and expand vocabulary. You can also use these cards to play a charade game!

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List of Winter Words

Here is a list of winter words we have collected for you (bold words included in flashcards). Use it as a reference when planning your next lesson. Have more words to add? Share with us. Comment below and we will update this list!

A arctic
B below zero, blanket, boots
C chill, coat, cold, crystal ball, cozy
D December, dog sled, decorations
E earflap hat, earmuffs, eggnog
F February, fireplace, firewood, fleece, freezing, flu, frozen, frost
G gingerbread, gloves, glacier
H heat, hockey, hot chocolate, hoodie, Holidays
I ice, iceberg, ice skates, ice storm
J jacket, January, jolly
K knitting
L log
M mittens, magic, merry
N Noel, north pole
O outdoors
P parka, polar, polar bear
Q quilt
R reindeer, Rudolph
S scarf, skate, ski, sled, slippery, snow, snowflake, snowboard, storm, sweater, Santa Claus
T tree, thermometer
U ugg boots
V vacation
W wreath, winter, wool, wind, warm up
X Xmas
Y yarn
Z zephyr, zero

Winter Words – Beginning Sounds Activities

Beginning sound clip cards promote early phonics skills and prepare your child for the future reading. Playing with this cards, kids will learn how to recognize and isolate the beginning sound and find the letter this sound represents.

Winter words beginning sound activity includes 26 cards with pictures and three letters on the right side. Let your child choose the letter that word starts with. To make the process fun, use different materials. Your child can place a little rock on the letter, or button. Use the clothespin and attach it to the letter.

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Winter Words Tracing Letter Worksheets

Tracing letters activity are designed to help children improve fine motor skills and practice tracing letters. You will find 13 worksheets and 26 uppercase and lowercase letters.

Tips: Color, make an outline ith a finger and decorate the letter. Talk about the sound and shape of the letter with your child. Learn a new word that starts with this letter. Ask your child for more words that start with this letter.



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